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Boost your earnings with easy-to-follow trading signals every day.

Calls Only with Bybit – orders without Bybit UID will be canceled!

Special: 10% Off Crypto Payments at Checkout!

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How to start your FREE subscription “Calls Only with Bybit”?

  1. Check the requirements and set up a new Bybit account with this special link
  2. Visit the Calls Only subscription page & click “Sign Me Up”
  3. Login with your existing account or “skip login”
  4. Enter billing details and insert your Bybit UID for verification
  5. Wait up to 48h for membership activation

If you have any issues please contact or chat live on The Birb Nest Customer Support discord channel.


For trading we use:

Want to trade crypto or forex but have no time to learn? Join now and here’s what you’ll get:

  • Basic time-saving plan for crypto & forex traders
  • Daily Signals (the exact number may vary depending on market conditions)
  • 4 read-only signal channels
  • Crypto, forex, stocks, commodities & indexes
  • Spot, margin, futures, CFDs, and options
  • Telegram & Discord alerts
  • Basic support

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