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Our Team

Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT

Chartered Market Technician® Trend follower #Bitcoin & Legacy Chemical Engineer Founder @TheBirbNest® Forbes 30U30 Councilor @MightyLabsDAO BAYC #9020

Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT

CEO & Founder


Trading FX, equities and Cryptocurrency BC specialises in price action with a focus on intraday trading. Utilising liquidity theory he hunts for high probability reversal & continuation trades at key levels.


Head Technical Analyst


An architect turned crypto enthusiast, operations lead in The Birb Nest. Keen eye for details and a precision


Head of Operations


With extensive experience as a Certified NLP Master Coach and trading psychologist, Jimie decrypts financial market complexities. From a Big 4 background, he navigates markets since 2017, focusing on cryptocurrencies, offering strategic insights, and actively engaging as a trader and investor.


Head of HR


A creative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker and problem solver. Former athlete, food enthusiast, and positive thinker. No matter what, he brings positivity and energy to every situation.


Head of Marketing


Web3 Native, Market Analyst and Airdrop Farmer. Sharing charts and macro updates daily


Senior Technical Analyst

Lady B

Accounting & Customer Support Assistant at The Birb Nest, Former teacher. Skilled in finance & client relations, fueling progress with a personal touch.

Lady B

Accountant Assistant

Sister Birb

Crypto-loving doctor is the head of customer support at The Birb Nest. With a healing touch she ensures your crypto journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Sister Birb

Head of Customer Support


Full time crypto/indices trader, analyst and educator. Specializing in technical analysis, Volume and layer 2 data. More than 8 years of experience in the software. 2019 Robocup Championships SSL, 3rd place.


Senior Technical Analyst

Chris | Crypto Assessor

Chris (aka "Milky"), ex-stock investor, pivoted to crypto in 2020, specialising in impartial crypto education to transform gamblers into savvy investors.

Chris | Crypto Assessor

Senior Fundamental Analyst

Taha Khan

Muhammad Taha Khan | CMT lvl 2 Candidate .Armed with a strategic mind honed through experience as a successful prop firm trader. With a BBA in Marketing as a solid foundation, I fearlessly navigate the turbulent waters of finance, always seeking out the most profitable opportunities.

Taha Khan

Head of Inverse Prop Desk


Battle tested Project manager. Experienced in different set ups and different size projects. Loves new challanges and always thinks outside the box


Project Manager


Ex-TradFi (Santander Bank, mBank). In Web3 since 2019. Fundamental analysis lover. Helping founders achieve their dreams.


Head of Business Development


20 years managing IT, certified in Cyber security, IT Project management and more.


Head of IT


Decoding market narratives to provide insights, helping you chart your own path to success


Senior Technical Analyst



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My lack of skills and confidence in decision-making made me feel anxious. What I've found here made me able not only to make sustainable profits, but also to do it in more aware and stress-free way.

I would like to say thank you for helping me out and others in the crypto community with your guidance... My emotions for TA are much stable, I am much better versed and patient.

...I learned how much to risk, controlling psychological greed, how to ladder buy/sell to maximize profits, and most of all I learned how to scan coins based on MA's, bullish/ bearish divergence...

...Everything I learned was useful for me. Heck I'd even say I benefited far more in these few short days in The Birb Nest than I have from schools and the university..

…so many traders with different POVs, great critical discussions my way of looking at things have changed by a mile. Thank you for the knowledge, the exposure and the support of everyone here in the nest.

...The technical analysis is spot on. The community has been helpful answering some of my green noob questions as well.Wish I could sit next to this team


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