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BirbicatorPRO is an indicator based on a proprietary blend of several proven systems, represented on your screen as easily understandable and actionable levels, areas, and signals.

Now at Version 2.0, the BirbicatorPRO system has been overhauled to help you quickly spot significant trends and levels across multiple timeframes. High probability signals are generated to further help you find trades in the direction of the overall trend. Customize and combine multiple powerful components to make BirbicatorPRO suit any trading style.

Some of the tools in the BirbicatorPRO system include:

  • Baseline – Composite moving average provides trend momentum identification with dynamic coloring based on current price
  • Dual Price Trailer – Dual High Time Frame and Current Time Frame trailers for one-glance overview of the current market situation across multiple timeframes
  • Price Bands – ATR-based momentum price band provides potential price barriers in the direction price trends
  • Auto Price Levels – Most important and significant price levels are quickly calculated and displayed based on dynamically updated key pivot points
  • BirbWAP – Constantly updated VWAP area signals key support/resistance levels associated with most recent price action
  • Supply and Demand Zone Visualizations – Automatically draws important supply and demand zones. Adjustable through Baseline customization
  • Scalper System – Signal system uses a confluence of several indicators to provide additional signals to help you find trades in the direction identified by the Dual Trailers
  • Auto-Fib Levels – Automatically drawn Fibonacci levels based on the High Time Frame Trailer helps you immediately spot key Fibonacci areas
  • Divergence System – Monitors 10 different oscillators and automatically marks out divergences. Easily spot confluence between all oscillators with the Divergence Score
  • Alert Support – No time to stare at the screens? Set alerts for each signal, any bullish signal, or any bearish signal to make sure you never miss a trade opportunity, or use them as part of your automated trading strategy

While BirbicatorPRO is designed for anyone to easily use as a complete trading system, it is also customizable and adaptable. Each of the powerful individual components can be turned on/off and tweaked to suit a wide range of trading styles, adapt to constantly shifting market conditions, and grow along with each trader. 

There is no “Right” or “Wrong” way to use the suite of tools contained within BirbicatorPRO. Finding your personal trading system is at the core of finding your own edge in the market, and BirbicatorPRO provides you with the tools to create profitable trading systems for any market or timeframe.

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