Daily Report – Bitcoin and Market Update (March 31 2021)

By Cryptobirb

HTF 12H:

Middaily session has just closed with an intraday fakeout on the top, wiping out two-day long profits off the table. Currently holding the baseline and no sell signal appears on 12h chart and as long as that is the case, I remain long on BTC. As you know, I choose to follow BPRO 12h default trend following settings and I stand one with that system of mine. Currently volatility bands are shaping in a sideways/low momentum movement. In reference to my most recent market reports, you need to stay aware of continuous risk of fakeout and swing failure as long as BTCUSD trades below 62k. For this reason, if buying in heavily right now with no stop loss, you should not either be surprised to see you’re down 20-30% on your position at one time optionally. Manage it responsibly. As long as BTC is closing sessions over the baseline, it’s relatively “safe” if you ever can call buying asset that pumped 16x in a year safe. Key level to reclaim and close sessions above is Breaker High of 58322. Key supports: 53635, 49-49.5k (BVWAP), 45826, 38285. Deep uptrend invalidation and multi-month correction can occur ONLY if super bearish reclaim of Breaker Low at 36694. Unless that happens, BTCUSD is upwards oriented and resistances are as follows: 65.5k, 70190, 77731.


MTF picture has just seen a breakout retest over the bull flag, being part of a bigger low momentum movement. So far it’s followed bullish scenario locally, given in the recent reports. Now intraday BTCUSD is deciding whether or not market proves the breakout is fake or valid. If we see that newly created support of the diagonal ex-resistance, is not held and breaks down with a close below 56k, imo very high chances of major fakeout and further decline down to low 40k. That’s the most bearish case I can see happen now and we need to be ready in case that happens. I always prefer to be safe than sorry when it comes down to money management and trading my hard-earned money over sleepless nights. I respect my money because of that. And with me being long per 12h default BPRO trend, I naturally assume BTCUSD is going up but it does not allow me to ignore bearish options and in case BPRO flashes sell, I’ll follow. That is what having the right, credible, reliable and profitable trading system means in practice. Local resistances: 60373, 67658, 74927. Local supports: 55.8k, 53312, 44173. As long as BTCUSD trades over the baseline, upwards trend is safe. As always, more info available to exclusive members in #video-report channel. Also, I’m soon raising BPRO pricing by 100-200% in next days to limit down the number of people who can use this system to ensure longevity and better edge for the users over the rest of the market. Demand for BirbicatorPRO has been insane ever since its release. Keeps breaking new records of interest. That’s why I’ll need to double-triple the pricing. If still haven’t got this money-making monster, that’s your last call. Get your BPRO access with the link below while it’s still cheap – thebirbnest.com/products/birbicatorpro