Plutus – The Next Evolution In Crypto Card Payments

By trader.aperture

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With all the focus on cryptocurrency trading, you would almost forget that cryptocurrencies can be used for the most important task of money: payments. Over the last few years, making actual payments with cryptocurrencies has been hard, since the conversion to fiat has multiple hurdles. 

In the past year, crypto debit cards have received significant attention, since consumers and merchants already use this payment method. Multiple providers are making a splash in the market, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are trying to get their hands on these sought-after cards. One of the problems with most card providers is that they hold custody of your cryptocurrency wallets, which basically makes them a central point of security failure.

Plutus allows you to top up your card by trading directly with other users through their DEX

Luckily, Plutus tries to change this centralization by giving you control over your own wallet (Like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, etc), while still providing the opportunity to pay with crypto by using the combination of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a debit card (

You can connect your own wallet to the DEX and convert your crypto for use on the card. Additionally, you can top up the card by connecting an IBAN bank account.

Plutus highly values their security which is proven by the facts that their services are provided under the FCA guidelines and all customer deposits are held in segregated bank accounts.

Purchases with the Plutus Card get a 3% crypto reward

One of the best features of using Plutus is that they provide rewards. On every purchase you complete, you will earn a 3% crypto reward. Use the card anywhere you want since these rewards aren’t restricted to a single merchant or store.

The Pluton calculator shows the rewards generated after spending your crypto

You can visit the Pluton calculator to find out how much you will generate in rewards from spending your crypto. Use the slider to indicate your monthly estimated payments and see how much you will earn by simply using the card. 

The rewards are received in Pluton (PLU). Pluton can be redeemed for premium services, converted into card balance, or transferred to other wallets. Pluton is a decentralized token and can be transferred outside of the Plutus ecosystem. 

Staking PLU unlocks Plutus Perks

Staking PLU will unlock Plutus Perks. These perks provide additional cash backs on top of the 3% reward, from specific retail partners like AirBnB, Lenovo, Nike and many more! Extra cashbacks provide opportunities to score great deals on items or save more money on bigger purchases. 

At the moment, this service is available in the EU (including the UK). Plutus is working on launching in Latin America and Asia, so keep an eye on their Twitter account for the latest updates.

You can sign up for free on the Plutus website and request your card directly!