How to Make Money On Social Media with SaTT

By trader.aperture

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SaTT is a project which tackles online advertising problems. The most prevalent problems in online advertising are high fees, centralized governance, delayed payments and the lack of transparency. All of these problems can be solved in a decentralized manner with a blockchain. In this article we will uncover how SaTT provides a solution for these problems by looking at the main use case for SaTT: monetizing content. We will guide you through the process of signing up for SaTT and explain how you can profit from promoting these campaigns.

Our journey starts at the login page. SaTT offers several login methods, so you can pick the one you like. If you haven’t signed up yet you can create an account. I chose Telegram, since that is a semi-anonymous option, but feel free to pick your preferred login method.

The login page with several login methods

After you log in for the first time a popup will be visible, prompting you to create a wallet for transactions. Like most cryptocurrency wallets you have to protect the wallet with a password. SaTT included checks to make sure the user handles the password information securely. Pick a strong and secure password.

Password confirmation and security checks

After the wallet creation go to the left menu and go to the Monetize audience page. This campaign overview page shows campaigns that can be promoted. Brands can create and fund these campaigns with SATT, while users can promote the campaigns and receive SATT as compensation for their efforts. Content can be promoted on different platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. This campaign rewards content interactions for each platform differently.

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Earnings per platform and interaction type.

For our example we are going to promote the SATT token on Twitter. You can find the specifics of the requirements for a post on Twitter on the campaign page. The campaign will reward 200 SATT for each like and 300 SATT for each share! Always check the conditions on the campaign page to ensure your content creation will be rewarded.

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The campaigns up for promotion

Our tweet will contain an image from the campaign kit, contain a link to, explain the purpose of the SaTT project and contains the tags #SaTT, #marketing, #blockchain and #crypto. The tweet can be found here.

On the campaign page click Apply so you can insert the link of the social media post and click send. Another popup appears which is needed to validate the action with the SaTT wallet. The wallet will interact with the SaTT smart contract and update the blockchain. Once the transaction is accepted the post is monetized and you can receive SaTT if interactions with your post happen. The SaTT is automatically sent to the SaTT wallet you created.

The link insertion popup
Confirmation of the interaction with the Satt smart contract.


As described in this article, monetizing your content is quickly done with SaTT. By leveraging the power of the blockchain the SaTT smart contract improves the relation between advertisers and content creators. The rules of the transaction are managed by the blockchain, which removes issues of trust while improving the efficiency of the transaction.

Visit and start earning money with your social media accounts today!